Education In India


Today we have 1.22 billion population and leading to million graduates every year. The employment in various sectors is not promising. Let us try to understand the majority of education available and employability. All students/parent aspire their ward to be Doctor/Engineer/Science/Management/ Medical Education.

There are very few good Government colleges where the student really learns due to availability of patients, even though these colleges suffer qualified and dedicated faculty. Most of the places the positions are vacant and no action is taken at all levels. Some of the colleges lack minimal facilities and we have no answer and will never have any answer.

Then the student opts for private medical colleges and most of the colleges are owned by politicians and businessman and the education has no relation to quality in these colleges. The aim is to make black money and no taxes.

Solutions-Instead of paying donations, one should pay full taxes that’s will help government to invest and make better facilities. If the statistic are correct then only 1%-5% of total 1.22 Billion people are paying regular taxes.


Engineering Education

Few thousand students get into some good IITs and some good NITs and the number of quality educating institutes are very limited and the deterioration is considerable due to pathetic attitude of Government and qualified faculty.

Some of the state Government and few private colleges are offering good education. But this number is limited. Rest of the institutions is for producing unemployable graduates. The scenario is not at all promising.


Management Education

This is normally after graduation in India. The IIM and few management institutes are really doing well. But majority of institutes lack the industry support, faculty and facilities. The   institutes are not changing their curriculum as per the industrial requirement nor industries are active in encouraging quality education.

I strongly feel that we need to take strong measures to make our students employable and it is doable.

I am sure students will strive hard for exceptional career and will leave no stone unturned. I have tried my best adopting student centric activities.

 The answer here is in the questions itself, what are the few other good top institutes are doing, either do similar or same.

 Education to be made more practical oriented than limited to a class room & what’s in the book. Books should be only for reference and not to be copied from.

 Education   to be more skill base based on the requirement of Industries.  E.g. IT companies need testing engineers so the software testing to be part of Engineering or any other relevant course you are doing, and this helps not having to invest additional money and time after completion of degree to get a job.